A new year always brings fresh hope. It’s a time to review and regroup, and a time to look forward. For us, New Year’s Eve will always be a special day because it was on December 31st that we landed in Kenya with our (then) 12 year old son in 2001, leaving our 18 y/o behind in the US. Yes, that was hard.

A lot has changed since then. Those 2 boys are now married men who’ve started families of their own. (Ask us about our grandchildren.) And God blessed us with another son in those early days who is called L’tanyua (waiting) by our African friends because they said, “You had to wait until you moved to Africa to  get another child.”

But one thing remains the same. The Samburu and surrounding tribes still need to hear the Gospel. They need to know the One Who Saves and to make Him known among their peoples.  Please continue to partner in prayer with us in the coming year. Pray that we will be able to know and do the things God has for us in this work. Pray for national believers to be burdened to take God’s message into unreached areas. Ask Him to equip the saints to do the work and answer the call.  When many are obedient, many others will hear.